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  • Birthday Cakes

    Ambrosia's pastry chefs pride themselves on the quality and freshness of our birthday cakes, putting great care into constructing each cake. Our overall designs are simple and elegant, or complex yet fun, incorporating sugar frosted fruit, fresh cut flowers, white chocolate curls and detailing. more...

  • Pastry and Bread

    All of the pastry and bread at Ambrosia were inspired by traditional recipes and adapted to our bakery's environment. While we are always experimenting with ways to improve our baking, the basics never change. Bread is our passion and we still form every loaf by hand. more...

  • Cakes and Desserts

    Ambrosia Bakery excels at creating unique and delicious desserts. Whether you are looking for a cake, tart or specialty dessert you're sure to be delighted with our selection. The style and presentation of these beautiful and flavorful products will vary throughout the year to complement the seasons and the best possible ingredients. more...

Just a little bit about us...

We are a local bakery located in the Lakeside neighborhood of San Francisco. We've been serving our loyal customers since 1988. The aroma of fresh-baked bread has delighted our neighborhood and the many passers-by for almost 25 years. We invite you to step in and enjoy our unique taste. We serve French pastries, cakes for all occasions, deli sandwiches and have a wonderful coffee bar. Seating is available. We look forward to seeing you!


  • Cozy and quaint, this place deserves a 5. I may just be lucky whenever I come in but it never seems to be "crackin" too busy. It's definitely a bakery one can rely on after morning walks at Stern Grove up the street. A pastry and a cup of fresh joe. Perrrfection. This place is very SF meets "Hometown Glory".

    Kathleen L. | San Francisco, CA

  • This is the best neighborhood cafe I have been to in SF. The pastries are fantastic. It seems someone studied at a bakery in France. I have had the baguettes and again are flawless.

    M.M. | Moss Beach, CA

  • We tried a slice of their princess cake and it tasted fresh and delicious. I would definitely come back to try other things. Cupcakes looked way too cute to eat.

    Linda N. | San Jose, CA

  • Haven't tried much other than there blueberry muffin (super moist and LOTS of berries) and cherry puff (really good). Coffee is my main thing here cuz you won't find a Starbucks or Peets within walking distance from my work. Staff here are always pleasant and smiling.

    Harry Y. | San Francisco, CA

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We invite you to contact us at anytime by phone at 415.334.5305

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